How long should a resume be

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We collect and process. Collection strategy  First, analyze your course plan to get an idea of what kind of information you need to find. Divide the training material into parts: the main sources are those from where you can take most of the information; auxiliary from here you can take a maximum of a couple of quotes.  It is recommended to use at least 4 main sources. Just by rewriting the head of someone’s coursework, the coveted top five will not get. So read and learn how to write a term paper. Let’s start with the theory.  Information on the Internet Digitization is our everything. In the world wide web you can find 1000 digitized books, theses, monographs, textbooks, translations, which will greatly facilitate the search for the necessary information. Just keep in mind that some scientific papers are available for download for money. But the amounts are usually small, so such expenses will not cause any serious damage to your pocket.

Do not forget about the percentage of uniqueness of work. Simply splitting one or another chapter of the course, you will not only make the teacher angry (they, too, are not stupid and know how to surf the Internet), but also consolidate the negative glory of the lover of freebies and simple ways.  Downloaded? Now it’s time to 70% of uniqueness (30% go to the terminology and the names of literary sources). Rewrite sentences in your own words, simplify, use bulleted and numbered lists in general, redo the text in your own way, because the recipe “how to write a course without plagiarism” simplydoes not exist. Libraries, archives, translations of foreign materials

Not all sources can be found on the Internet. Some books and magazines can only be purchased for money. But you should not despair, because students are incredibly resourceful. Libraries, archives, reading rooms all of these are not remnants of the past, as many students believe, but guaranteed sources of information. There’s definitely no need to buy anything, but you’ll have to sit for a couple of hours (or days), working on paper books, not digital books.