How to create a resume

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For yourself, mark from which source to get information for each item. Writing the text part If you need a course to order, then you can buy it a week before delivery. But if you plan to write yourself, start at least one month. Allocate at least a few hours each day. Before writing a chapter or subparagraph, carefully re-read the necessary source. Analyze the information received. After that, retell the textbook or article in your own words. Do not copy the data in any way paragraphs! After checking the uniqueness of the text will still have to rewrite.

Registration according to the methodological recommendations of the university Typically, the design involved after writing. As a rule, the methodological instructions specify the number of the GOST, according to which the course work on the economy should be made to order. Requirements include: Font name and size. Line spacing indicator. The size of the page margins. Footer content requirements. Check in the Antiplagiat system The next step is to check the uniqueness. Antiplagiat or Antiplagiat. University shows the percentage of borrowing. The service first analyzes your text, and then compares it with the works from its database. The check shows exactly how you decided to write the coursework on your own or with Ctrl C. Requirements for uniqueness vary by university. Traditionally, a figure of 50% is enough; up to 75% can be ordered to order.

Text editing Many teachers recommend to allocate a few days to rest from the material. After that, take a fresh head for mistakes. Read the text again, preferably out loud. Correct not too correctly formulated sentences, grammatical errors. Do not forget the semantic part if you have time, re-read the sources on the topic, then check the text part for any contradictions. Letting in for check When the work is ready, print it out and bring it to the teacher. Please note that just hand over the paper and leave is not possible. It is better to talk with the professor. Listen to all the criticism. When checking the course work on economics to order make yourself notes. Already at home, correct all errors found.

Coursework protection After the text is edited and ready for delivery, prepare a small presentation. Briefly tell the teacher what the essence of your work. Try as succinctly and briefly to present a theoretical and practical treatise. Usually protection takes no more than 5 minutes. Most often, the presentation takes place individually, but the teacher has the right to ask you to speak in front of classmates. If someone did not cope with the received task, a re-take is appointed. Typically, the alteration give no more than 2-3 weeks.