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How to write term papers, diplomas, dissertations 8. WRITE A COURSE FOR TWO DAYS For two days, a good term paper is not written! the teacher will exclaim, and maybe he will be right! The only question is how much time the teacher himself spends writing a coursework The answer is simple: no more than two days. And this is not only because he knows the discipline, he has a course of lectures on it, but because he will pass each stage of writing faster and more confidently.

For writing coursework in two days you need confidence. Confidence that you are on the right path. Confidence that you have not moved away from the topic. Confidence that your plan is not the best, but it meets the basic requirements. Confidence reduces time, as it kills doubt. If you doubt, every paragraph of work will be written two to three times longer. You will doubt, you will do double work and do stupid things. Remember the diligent female students in the library, carefully rewriting the textbooks. This is insecurity, this is delaying the beginning of this work. No normal teacher and intelligent student will do this, because he is confident in his abilities, and therefore takes the bull by the horns. While they are rewriting the textbook, he will determine the purpose of the work, draw up a plan and list of references, and with the help of the Internet, digital libraries, a scanner and a photocopier will collect three times more material. Further, the “rewriters” will be engaged in a long and tedious typing, and a smart student will compile work five times faster. And his work will be better several times Secondly, to write a coursework for two days you need to dive into the work. With full immersion in the work of coursework, you can write a day. There is nothing impossible in it.

It is clear that philologists will say that it takes at least several days to collect actual material. For example, the theme is “Polysemy in the Russian epigram” (I wrote something similar to one student). So, the student collected actual material for a whole month, and it took her a fortnight to search for Russian epigrams. She simply could not immediately understand that there was a thick volume in the “Poet’s Library” series “Russian Epigram” with a good preface and thousands of epigrams. I typed all the necessary factual material in five hours, and dialed it immediately in electronic form, at the same time highlighting features of the use of polysemous words, classifying epigrams, etc. In other words, in five hours the work was prepared, it remains to work it out technically. Those. to find a theory on polysemy, on an epigram as a literary genre, and in the second chapter to formalize the classification of epigrams and the peculiarities of the use of polysemantic words in them. Examples were cut and pasted from the finished “Annex” to the term paper. Those. five hours of immersion in work and self-confidence course took the necessary outlines. I already knew what the conclusions would be, what would be roughly written in the conclusion Works that do not need to collect factual material and work with sources require a different immersion this is the search and analysis of the topic. These five hours that were spent on the collection of factual material, you spend on the search for general theoretical material, fresh quotes, articles and a list of references. And remember that not the gods burn pots. If you are a student, then writing any independent research or abstract work should not be very difficult for you.